The Studio

Emma and Libby run a small but highly skilled design studio in central London operating to the highest standards internationally. After only seven years since it started, the studio has been included in the Top 50 Garden Designers by House & Garden and is one of Country Life’s 100 designers in the UK. Between them, Emma and Libby have over 50 years experience in the industry working at the highest level and the studio remains a young business, competitive and flexible. No job is to large or too small providing they think they can bring something ’special’ to the place.

Our Philosophy

For us, every site is unique, sensitive and special, to be treated with respect, care and our utmost attention. From inception to completion of a project, we seek to respond to the essence of place - its history and light, its views and local materials, its borrowed landscape, the soils and local flora and so much more. It is these elements that guide our designs, be they contemporary or classic, relating to historic buildings or urban spaces, at home or abroad.

Just as we listen to the land, we also listen to people, to our clients, design teams working together to bring a project to life, to contractors, suppliers and gardeners who work with us, all of whom are essential to complete a project successfully.

As gardens and the natural world have become increasingly important yet fragile, we take sustainability seriously throughout our work from the treatment of site materials and soils to long-term garden maintenance. Above all, we are designers who use our recognised skills to create not just beautiful spaces but also projects that are delivered on time and on budget, with true professionalism and care.

How We Work

Each project is led either by Emma or Libby and assisted by the in-house team. We undertake a wide range of landscape design requirements from concept design to support for planning applications including Para79 applications, masterplan design, construction and detailed design, planting plans, monitoring the work on site and project management. We will also work with clients to commission particular elements such as pots, sculpture, water features and furniture as required on a project by project basis.

We can also provide help with recruiting as well as working with head gardeners to ensure a garden develops successfully to returning regularly to advise on garden’s on-going development.